1-year cooperation program

for tourism companies and organizations


1. Tenders

1.1 Partner every day may put in our system one tender (Photo + Text + links).

1.2 Offers are published on the front page, in mobile version.

1.3 Simple and convenient offer insertion and management with access codes (

2. Editorial office

2.1 Preparation of quality press releases and photos for publication.

2.2 Partner involvement in editorial projects. 

3. Social networks

3.1 Partner interesting message and offer re-publishing in our social networks.

3.2 with 1 800 followers

3.3 with 310 followers.

4. Marketing

4.1 Editorial office organized competitions and contests

4.2 Corporate information about the nature of our marketing / sales activities.

4.3 Specific discounts for banners.

5. Catalogue

5.1 Catalogue of Baltic tourism companies - ensure publicity, visibility and confidence.

5.2 Transparent and easy availability of information to the user.

5.3 Company logo, contact information, social networks, and address on the map.

The price of cooperation programme per year: 435,60 EUR

Contacts: +371 26154261, [email protected]

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